Trump tax plan for single moms

This entire artificial construct, which was built upon bigger asset bubbles and greater debt loads, is now being tenuously held together by that very same government-engineered bond bubble. Finally, our government will not delay or tinker around the edges when it comes to passing the next fiscal stimulus.

Even worse, those Bankruptcy filings in March were the second largest year-over-year jump for any month since the Great Recession and is indicative of an economy that has reached the end of its credit cycle. If investors are not modeling those changes they will be blindsided.

For Zimbabwe, the end result was the 2nd worst hyperinflation in the world's history—the one in Hungary following WWII takes first prize. Copper, known as the commodity with a Ph.

Universal Basic Income to the Rescue? The hope was for our "Disrupter in Chief" to be more concerned about our children's future than his own; and for his focus to span beyond the next election cycle. Nevertheless, the resulting yield shock would be much worse than your typical inversion because runaway long-term bond yields are the last thing this massively overvalued equity market, which sits on top of record debt levels, can endure.

This will lead to a massive increase in the number of insolvent corporations. Indeed, the huge reconciliation of stock prices is arriving now. Therefore, the reason why bond yields remain at incredibly low levels in Europe, Japan and the US isn't just about the dwindling vestiges of QE; but much more about a perpetual state of economic anemia brought on by debt-disabled economies throughout the globe.

In truth, a productivity slowdown is something the US economy cannot afford at this time because Non-farm Productivity increased by a paltry 0. If the synchronized global growth situation was still indeed a fact, long term bond yields would be rising at least as fast as short-term rates were rising.

For a central bank to usurp this process is both futile and dangerous. The Venezuelan people are starving and leaving the country in droves—the nation is a modern-day cautionary tale of what happens when fiat money dies. The ugliest part of this picture is the amount of dollar-denominated debt from countries and corporations outside of the U.

In my March commentary I opined…"look for an epoch battle between our independent central bank and the Executive Office. If Mario Draghi does not return to QE, but rather allows the Italian bond market to continue to collapse, the entire European banking system is at risk of failure in Catalyst for the Next Financial Crisis June 4th, The cause of the Great Recession circa was collapsing home prices that led to an insolvent banking system.

Clinton, who has become practiced at the politely sardonic riposte to attacks on her, replied: And, most assuredly, about the international bond traders who are keenly aware of the fast approaching deflationary depression arising from the removal of central bank crutches.

The discrepancy between U. Brick-and-mortar retailers are the ones hit the hardest; their carnage can easily be witnessed at an empty strip mall near you.

Roseanne apologizes for George Soros was a Nazi tweet

However, the Fed recently found it necessary to telegraph to certain insiders within the Main Stream Financial Media what it would do during the next financial crisis. And yet, there was still a destabilizing breakout of inflation internally.

Finland's failed experiment with UBI hasn't deterred Italy from delving in the same experiment.

Pakistan Hosts Unusual Meeting of Regional Spymasters

During Thailand's golden years, inflation was at bay, and the Thai baht was pegged to the dollar at 25 to 1.

And we can expect more to come given that auto-loan delinquencies have been on a steady rise since The truth is the global economy has become one giant central bank shell game; consisting of perpetually rising asset prices that have been supported by consistently falling interest rates.

But the truth is Japan is mired in multiple lost decades of economic stagnation. This long awaited day of reckoning has been held in abeyance until now.

The ultra-liberal co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, blames the growing difference between the wealthy and working-poor on the same market forces that made Facebook's rise possible.

From which there is no escaping without devastating consequences. Five days before the sale, a CNBC host who loves to play with buttons fervently advised a viewer to leave his money in the firm, insisting it would be silly to make a sale at current values.

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THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, everybody, very much. And these are the people right behind me. They’ve worked so long, so hard. It’s been an amazing experience, I have to tell you. Hasn’t been.

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Trump tax plan for single moms
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