Dating old photos by paper

Most calabash bottles were blown in two-piece post-bottom molds, can be found with various pontil scars or with smooth non-pontiled domed bases, and virtually always have some type of applied finish - usually a brandy, bead, oil, or blob finish. The image as a whole therefore appeared to be a dull-toned positive.

DisqusItAll October 7, The following bottles represent some of the more common shapes of cylindrical liquor bottle progressing in general from oldest to newest. These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards.

Its all in the wonderful book on Samuel Ledgard: These flasks originated during Taylor's Presidential campaign but appear to have been produced up until about the Civil War. Such collodion glass positives had been invented by Frederick Scott Archer in and the name Ambrotype was introduced in the United States by James Dating old photos by paper Cutting in when he patented a variation of Archer's original process.

I believe that NCT did not place these 3 in service but am open to correction. Click on the following links to view more images of this flask: Messages were not permitted on the address side of the cards; after attempting various forms of explaining that regulation, the U. Another very popular style of early figured flask is referred to as the "sunburst" flask, which encompasses various types based on the molded design on the body.

Click quart scroll flask to view a picture of a quart sized scroll flask with a double-ring finish. Although early tintypes were sometimes mounted in protective ornamental cases, like daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, uncased tintypes in simple paper mats were popular from the beginning. Click on the following links for several more pictures of this flask: These cheaply produced cards allowed the use of gaudy dyes for coloring.

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South Shields therefore received 3 vehicles with identical control systems but with 3 distinct body styles! Strange fact number Unlike most other types of liquor bottles which are generally more common without embossing, figured flasks are by definition embossed since the embossed motifs and molded designs are what defines them as figured flasks, though many shapes are also unique to this group e.

Thaks again and good luck on your dates! Although similar shaped American made spirits bottles can date occasionally from the late 18th century, they really began to dominate by the s and s. When I first showed him a picture of a Leyland Bull before his bus driving days of course descending the cobbled precipice round a treacherous bend he turned white, wobbled, and had to be revived with a good whiff of smelling salts.

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Though not quite on a par with the anti-slavery movement of the 19th century, temperance was a very significant morally based social movement in the U.S.

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Post Card History and Dating Methods.

Contrail photos through history

Although the world's first picture post cards date from the s to the mids, post cards, as we know them, came into being in the United States about

Dating old photos by paper
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